My Story

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

When teachers asked me that question, blogging and social media were seen as time-wasters instead of powerful tools. Socializing online was “dangerous,” an activity for weirdos who live with their parents.


So I did the Respectable Thing and got a degree in something I loved. My academic background in sociology hasn’t made me rich, but it has given me insight into how other people live and feel. Empathy is key to any relationship.

Like many young people, I took some jobs to pay the bills. The summer after college, I worked event security for major artists and nightclubs. By day, I scored standardized tests for the State of Texas. I bought a sewing machine, which let me fix clothes and even design some of my own! For two and a half years I worked in legal admin for a collection agency, where I got to work with some wonderful humans, which made it worthwhile.

During that time I started getting my digital footing. Of course I started by learning how to build and prettify simple websites with HTML and CSS.  I taught myself the basics of designing and developing iPhone apps. But nobody would hire me without a degree in computer science. Drat.

Somehow I found myself in a Facebook group for coaches, which opened my eyes. Women like me were making money on social media, without going back to school! By that point I had been making friends online for 15 years (pre-Facebook, y’all!). When I was ready I hired a coach and started my first business online.

Now I’m ready to support you in your online business.

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