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Every day I spend on the Internet I see proof that there is a market for just about any product.

If you take a look around my kitchen, you’ll see that I am just one of millions of people who would rather buy a simple machine to solve a problem NOW than spend weeks or months perfecting a culinary skill (and possibly sabotaging tasty meals in the process).

I include the same FunFact in my bio across all social media platforms: “I pick the best avocados.” More than one person has asked me to create a paid course on avocado selection.

You don’t have to be Elon Musk. You just have to solve a problem that people want gone NOW.

And these five kitchen doodads do just that.

Egg Fork & Turner

No whisk? No problem! Calphalon Nylon Egg Whisking Fork and Omelette Turner Set lets you have perfectly whipped eggs that you can turn over easily. Because, let’s be real…does anyone even know how to clean a whisk? Which brings me to the…

Whisk Wiper

The fact that this nifty gadget exists leads me to believe that NO, nobody actually knows how to clean a whisk!

Herb Stripper

I’ll give you a moment to get your mind out of the gutter.

For real, though. Where was this device when I still ate kale? Seriously, one simple bit of plastic will let you remove the stems from anything to rosemary (which I cook with several times a week) to kale.

Rolling garlic chopper

This little guy is just so much stinkin’ fun to use! My fiance and I use a lot of garlic. He used to mince it by hand, which took forever. I used a garlic press, which was a beast to clean. Then my future mother-in-law gave us one of these…and now we practically have to rock paper scissors over who gets to chop the garlic.

Also, may be a safe and fun way to get the kids involved in dinner prep.

3-in-1 Avocado slicing tool

If I could go back in time about 2 months and buy this, I wouldn’t have a scar on my left thumb from where my santoku knife bit me. Just because I can pick the best avocados doesn’t mean I always win a battle of wits with the seed! Also, if you’re doing anything with an avocado, you’re probably going to cut it, pit it, and slice it. No sense in washing 3 utensils when you could just wash 1!

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