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“The Internet is for creeps.” daniela galvez nelson

Everyone was skeptical of the Internet when I was growing up. Building a website was a waste of time instead of a marketing essential (but everyone used their blog as a diary…k). Social media was “dangerous.” Online dating was for “ugly losers.” Despite all of this fear and negativity, I knew my place was online. But I thought you had to be good at math (and a boy) to work in tech. So I studied people, instead. My sociology degree let me work with huge sets of data, all of it about people’s behaviours and experiences. Then in grad school, I co-founded an organization for technology in mental health. Grad school became too expensive, so I took a job. Well, I’m a Millennial, so actually I took several. I worked event security for major artists and nightclubs. I scored essays and tutored my classmates in grad school on writing research papers. I repaired and designed clothes. I worked in legal admin for a collection agency. Even when I was getting paid to go to concerts, I couldn’t wait to go home and write. I vowed to write for a living someday. I would be able to use my creativity with my tech skills. I would help people by putting good information on the internet. I started by learning how to build and design simple websites with HTML and CSS. Each day after wrapping up my work at the collection agency, I took all kinds of courses on design, development, and even app development. But coding didn’t satisfy my creative side, so I learned graphic design. A friend helped me learn Illustrator, and I was hooked. While working with a graphic design client, I found myself making all kinds of suggestions to improve her website. I wanted to re-write some of her copy. I wanted to make things faster, easier to use, and all-around BETTER. The next big change began the way all my life changes do: With a Google search. I searched “optimizing websites” and found out that people make an entire career out of making the internet better. Today, I’m a full-time SEO Specialist for a leading ecommerce platform. Before that, I worked for a national media group, where I ran local SEO campaigns for small and medium businesses in markets across the country.

I love questions.

If you have one for me, reach out to hello[at]

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