SEO Strategist – Apparel Designer – Comic


I’m Daniela LaFave. I help software companies, solopreneurs, and small businesses find their fans through organic search – in their own voice.


I also custom print clothing and do some stand-up. When I’m not playing/coaching volleyball or co-writing my pilot, of course. 

Since 2016, I’ve helped dozens of businesses rank and convert through relevant, customer-centric content. In other words, making them stand out for what their soon-to-be biggest fans are searching for.

And I don’t just talk keywords and content. My approach includes diving into your analytics and site structure with technical analysis. I’ll even take a look at the sneaky little leaks in your funnel and advise on conversion rate optimization.

Now’s your time. Let’s do it together.


Leave the traditional SEO snooze-fest behind.

Attract leads, clients, and customers organically with content you’re proud of, that excites your customers, and is positioned to rank.

Businesses of all sizes need help with search engine optimization. Creating content consistently isn’t enough. Every day you sleep on your blog’s technical SEO, your competitors siphon off your readers and clients.

The result? Your business leaks money. Even the most engaging content is a money pit if search engines can’t understand your site and show it to your customers.

But when your content is complete, optimized for search and relevant to your audience, it’s a whole other world.

You make more money, because people like you and search engines can sort through your content. People searching for solutions to their problems trust you. You are the answer.

I’m not here to tell you that you should learn SEO. Quite the opposite. Every month you spend taking guesses about your SEO can set your organic search visibility back. 

Get expert help today.


Content Strategy

You want to attract, convert, and serve an audience who loves you - based on what people are actually searching for.

SEO & Marketing Coaching

You want to DIY. I can teach you affordable, streamlined strategies and tactics to grow your small business.

SEO Consulting

You want professional insights and data-driven strategies, packaged into a playbook unique for your business.


I make sure your site is in good shape by doing an audit. No website is perfect, but it's best if I find the major problems early on.


Keyword Research

I find the most relevant and competitive keywords to attract people who are actively searching for what you're selling.

Content Creation

Then, I weave those keywords into content that helps your visitors and the search engine understand why they need to buy from you.

Analysis & Reporting

I install Google Analytics (if you haven't already). Each month, I will take a look at how your site is performing and explain it to you in plain English.

Competitor Analysis

Stop guessing how your competitors are getting all those links. Let me dig into the data and find those opportunities for you.

Image Optimization

High-quality pictures are important for growing brands. I can source clear, relevant stock images for your business. What's more, I'll optimize your new and existing images for the search engine.

Custom Printed Apparel & Accessories

Choose from a selection of apparel, accessories, and home decor. You tell me what you want. I design it and ship it to you. 1 is my minimum, so you can order for yourself or deck out the whole crew.

Sound good?