Hi. I’m Daniela.

I do the technical stuff you don’t like doing, like researching keywords, installing and interpreting Analytics, and building WordPress sites.daniela galvez nelson

I also do creative things, like writing blog posts and creating graphics.

My Story

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

When adults asked me that question, building websites and building relationships on social media were seen as time-wasters instead of marketing essentials. Socializing online was “dangerous.” Online dating was for “creeps.”

I knew my place was online.

But I thought you had to be good at math (and a boy) to work with computers for a living. So I did what I was told and got a degree in something I already understood: People. My sociology degree let me work with huge sets of data, all of it about people’s behaviors and experiences.

Like many young people, I took some jobs to pay the bills. The summer after college, I worked event security for major artists and nightclubs. By day, I scored essays and tutored my classmates in grad school on writing research papers. I bought a sewing machine, which let me fix clothes and even design some of my own! I worked in legal admin for a collection agency.

Even when I was getting paid to go to concerts, I couldn’t stop thinking about the internet. While I was working in collections, I vowed that my next job would be digital. I would be able to use my creativity with my tech skills. I would help people by putting good information on the internet.

I started by learning how to build and design simple websites with HTML and CSS. I took all kinds of courses on design, development, and even app development. But coding didn’t satisfy my creative side, so I learned graphic design. A friend helped me learn Illustrator, and I was hooked.

While working with a graphic design client, I found myself making all kinds of suggestions to improve her website. I wanted to re-write some of her copy. I wanted to make things faster, prettier, and all-around BETTER.

The next big change began the way all my life changes do: With a Google search. I searched “optimizing websites” and found out that people make an entire career out of making the internet better.

Today, I’m a full-time SEO Specialist for a leading ecommerce platform. Before that, I worked for a national media group, where I ran local SEO campaigns for small and medium businesses in markets across the country.

I love questions.

If you have one for me, reach out to hello[at]danielalafave.com.


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