I’m Daniela LaFave – SEO consultant, strategist, and educator.

I help creative entrepreneurs align their ideas with what their customers are searching for, so that their websites become content machines that compound in value over time, bringing them more paying clients from the same amount of work.

And it goes way deeper than adding keywords.

It’s positioning yourself as the answer to your customers’ questions. 

It’s finding the natural connection between what you have to say and what your people are dying to know.

When you get this right, you start attracting leads, clients, and customers like magic, so you can stop putting all of your energy into strategies and channels that drain the life out of you.

Since 2016, I’ve worked with clients in industries ranging from fashion to software to engineering. I’ve been around the block a time or two.

So how did this search engine obsession start, anyway?

I’ve always been obsessed with finding information.

As an 8-year-old, that meant typing random domain names into my mom’s browser trying to find the exact Sailor Jupiter doll I wanted for my birthday. I wanted to reach into the computer and set up the internet so that I could find what I was looking for…or at least search for it!

Then after Google came around, I used it to find guitar tabs for every Chevelle song I could get my hands on (and photos to print and tape to my wall).

The MySpace years meant creeping on people I actually knew, and trying to appeal to the ones who liked the same music as me. Little did I know that when I was formatting messages to my crushes in the form of song lyrics, I was coding HTML.

In college, that meant interning for a detective. And in grad school, that meant being a research assistant.

After grad school, I worked in commercial litigation – where digging up accurate online made the difference between my clients recovering tens of thousands of dollars in court or losing all that money to bad debt.

I was creatively unfulfilled and discontented at work, so I set my sights on front end web design.

I enjoyed the design side of my courses, but even the thought of coding for hours a day for years on end felt like a recipe for burnout.

So I started doing freelance graphic design. And as I turned over designs to my clients, I noticed they all had something in common:

The language they were using in their web copy wasn’t anything like people said or wrote. I thought to myself, “No one is googling that.”

I wondered if there were ways to make websites better for search engines.

As soon as I learned about SEO, I’ve never looked back. Committing to SEO means learning how the culture of the internet is changing, and helping businesses adapt. I’ve done it all, from freelancing to agency to platform to brand-side.

And now I’m here to help you.


Say what you mean. Mean what you say.


Empathy is powerless without action. Acknowledge the role of luck in your fortune.


Own your mistakes. Apologize without defensiveness.


Things are not always great. We can make them better.


Only do things that contribute to your mission. Stay curious, but be disciplined.

Mutual Respect

Eliminate contempt for others, and recognize your own imperfection.

Stats & Fun Facts

Sea witch meets forest witch.

Either an Aperol spritz or an Old Style.

The least leonine Leo ever (Virgo rising).

Chaotic good.

Magic is fun, but science is crucial.


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