I was Nobody McNoFace on LinkedIn. My only contacts were my college friends, a couple of recruiters, and my supervisors from my unremarkable post-college gigs. There was no strategy to my LinkedIn profile, and it was so painfully obvious. I cringe thinking about what my LinkedIn profile used to be like. Everyone talks about how LinkedIn is this great tool, but I couldn’t make it work for me.

Before the Overhaul

  • 90ish connections
  • Flat headline & summary that didn’t showcase my value, or even my skills
  • No inbound messages, ever, and no responses to my outbound messages

After the Overhaul

  • 2,500+ quality connections (and growing every day)
  • Regular inbound messages from ideal clients in various markets
  • Invitations to interview with local startups in exciting industries, from travel to AI
  • Invitation to apply with a company I had been trying to get an interview with for 8 months. I’ve been working there since November – in the exact position that I always wanted – and I’m happier than I’ve ever been.

Making a career pivot out of an unfulfilling admin role and into an SEO position in digital advertising was a major goal of starting my business. In the end, it wasn’t help from a “guruprenista”  business coach who helped me get where I wanted to go. It was Ashli and her LinkedIn strategies. They’re practical, and they work.

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