What is content repurposing?


Turning your audio, video, any “spoken” content  made for one platform into written content you can use across multiple platforms. This could mean turning your YouTube video into  social media posts, articles, ebook content, workbooks, emails, ads, etc.


This isn’t necessarily transcription. Content repurposing optimizes and formats your content so it performs best on the platforms your posting to.For example, you may speak in longer sentences, but a tweet allows you fewer than 300 characters to express the same ideas.


When you have your audio files transcribed, you may still have to tweak the final product yourself. When you hire me to repurpose your content, the formatting is included in the price, I edit the final product for you, and you can make any tweaks you like after you receive it.


Turning your live streams, voice memos, and more into evergreen content


80% of Facebook videos are watched with the sound off. Unless your audience is comprised only of people who have time to watch a whole video and freedom to watch with the sound on (no micromanaging bosses, no sleeping babies), part of your audience will always be left behind.


“They can just catch the replay,” you may say. While some of your fans may remember to come back for the replay and even schedule a time to dedicate to it, scrubbing past the introduction, the hellos, the obligatory “let’s wait a few minutes for other people to hop on,” and any technical malfunctions that occurred during the live stream may distract the user from the experience of consuming your content. Plus, mobile users who are low on battery while on the go may not be able to keep the video open. 


These distractions make your user click away, frustrated, never to return. They miss out on the content they need most. You miss the opportunity to connect with someone in your audience and give them the value or actionable training they came to you for. A mutual womp womp.


Taking your old content and making it relevant again


Maybe you wrote something a year or five ago and it needs to be tweaked so that it’s relevant for today. As part of my focus on content, I offer copy editing for 5 cents ($0.05 USD) per word. To give you a couple of examples, editing a 500-word post would be $25, a 2,000 word article would be $100.


Optimizing your content


When I repurpose your content, I include only the substance that your audience will get value from.


For example, if you spend the first two minutes of the recording saying hello and waiting for more people to join the livestream, I do not include anything that comes before the topical content in the final deliverable product.


This way, when I hand the final product back to you, you can use it right away.


Building bridges between key pieces


Suppose you want to turn your livestreams into an ebook, but you need a bit of content to link ideas together. I can write this copy for 10 cents ($.10 USD) per word.


Content repurposing is NOT…

Sampling other people’s ideas to pass off as your own. It is okay to discuss an idea in your own writing, using your own words. But you should give other people credit when you discuss something of theirs. 


Looking at other people’s content and saying, “Make me just like them!” They are who they are. You are who you are.


All tautologies aside, if you market yourself using someone else’s tactics, copy, and ideas, your marketing will appeal to people who are not compatible with you.


You can learn a lot by studying other people’s marketing. When it comes to marketing yourself and your services, you have to be true to you.

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