Think about the last time you took a personality quiz. Maybe it was on Buzzfeed, maybe it was on Facebook, or maybe you FINALLY, once and for all, used Pottermore to figure out which Hogwarts houses you and your group chat belong to. Chances are, you not only enjoyed taking the quiz, but you also felt so seen by the results.

hogwarts slytherin and gryffindor anime fan art

Which anime & Harry Potter crossover best describes your life?

Now, what if you could use that same sense of fun and intrigue to build your email list?

With Interact Quiz Builder, you can!

Interact is quiz software that allows you to create custom quizzes for your website or blog in minutes. Not only are these quizzes fun for your readers, but they’re also an incredibly effective way to grow your email list.

Many entrepreneurs struggle to give their users enough value for them to give them permission to email them. In the online business world, we throw the word “value” around a lot. But what does it actually mean? Eddy Quan defines value in three ways: Educational, Inspirational, and Entertaining.

With a quiz, you can easily deliver on all three! Hear me out:

  • Personality quizzes are fun to take, and comparing your results with your friends is always interesting (Entertaining)
  • When people feel seen and known by the results, they get the sense that greater things are possible for them (Inspirational)
  • Once you’ve demonstrated that you really see your customers and understand their needs, you can start offering solutions (Educational)

“Cool story, LaFave. What about connecting this to business results?”

I’m so glad you asked.

Here’s how it works: when someone takes your quiz, they’re prompted to enter their email address to get their results.

That’s it! You’ve just added a new subscriber to your list without even asking them. And because they’ve taken the quiz, you know they’re interested in the topic of your quiz, which means they’re more likely to be interested in the content of your emails.

To make it even better? With Interact, you can connect each user to segments of your email list based on their answers. From there, you can nurture them with email sequences tailored to their needs.

Ready to see this in action? I created my first personality quiz about SEO with Interact and my friends shared it and talked about it for weeks. Everyone was excited to find out what their best shot at making a sustainable SEO strategy was. And that’s with a small audience (under 1,000 at the time!) and no advertising.

With even a small ad budget and/or an engaged social media following? Hoo, baby. The sky is the limit!


Another great thing about using Interact Quiz Builder to grow your email list is that you can segment your subscribers based on their quiz results. This means that you can send them more targeted content that appeals to their specific interests, which leads to higher engagement rates and more conversions.

So if you’re looking for a fun and easy way to grow your email list, give Interact Quiz Builder a try!

I can even help you build your quiz. Just book some time on my calendar!

You grow your email list by giving value to your readers. There are 3 ways to achieve that: Educate, Inspire, or Entertain. And if you can tailor your content to your readers, so much the better! With Interact, you can create custom quizzes for your website or blog in minutes, and use them to segment your subscribers and send them more targeted content. So why wait? Sign up for Interact today and start building your list!

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