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#i2u 2: Why did I decide to start this blog?

In my first post for this challenge, I mentioned that I have blogged before. However, previous projects were not structured or strategic. This blog is different. I have some things I want to accomplish.

Speaking my truth

I learned a Swedish proverb in college: What’s hidden in the freeze comes out in the thaw. It means that something can’t stay hidden forever. The truth must come out eventually.

Four years ago I finished undergrad and began Adulting For Real TM. For the last few years, I have been so focused on impressing other people–say the right thing at this interview, play up this experience to that potential client, don’t speak out against racism/misogyny/other such fuckery on Facebook because The Man might get offended and then buh-bye jobs–that I lost the ability to express myself in my own words.

My silence wasn’t doing anyone any good, either.

Community building

If you are reading this, you are probably aware of the political climate in the United States. Shit’s scary. Joining blogging groups on Facebook lately has put me in touch with women who share my fears, concerns, and hopes for this country. Individually, we are fighting losing battles against ignorant neighbors, relatives, bosses. When we raise our voices together, we have more power.

Seeing my feelings echoed in another woman’s post makes the world seem less scary and lonely. Blogging lets us connect with each other in a medium that rewards long conversations and well-presented thoughts. It makes us feel less alone and encourages us to speak more.

A blog can be a collection of ideas, stories, resources. It can be a source of information, inspiration, and comfort to its readers. I will use this blog to give others all of those things.

Sharing ideas in writing

I’m an introvert (INFJ, for the other Myers-Briggs fankids). I find it easier to present my thoughts and feelings in writing than in video or audio. The ability to edit, rephrase, and reorder thoughts is so liberating. Plus, being able to cite resources without breaking the flow of my writing is basically my academic dream come true.

Okay, I knowww, video performs and converts best on certain platforms. But only if you don’t suck at video, right? When I make video, my inner monologue is something like

  • “Oh crap, I should have phrased that differently”
  • “It would have made more sense to introduce the general idea first and then develop that point in more detail, FUCK”
  • “Oh crap, my eyebrows did that furrowing thing again. People will think I’m angry or confused and I’m not sure which is worse. But I’m just thinking! Think lessSmile more (uuuugh I can’t believe I just said that to myself). But just smile with the eyes and don’t look manic.”

(the result being a rambly monologue peppered with “uh, yeah, so like,” etc.)

I need the freedom to develop my ideas in depth, even if I break up the post with visuals and humor.

Presenting numerous ideas as parts of a whole

That doesn’t mean penning a 2,500-word unfocused mess about what I had for lunch today, my unabridged thoughts on Taylor Swift’s career progression, my favorite WordPress plugins, the no-squat butt workout I did before starting work this morning, and a review of the most recent addition to my French Canadian graphic novel collection.

It means using one platform strategically to address many things that readers may find useful or entertaining. Blogging allows us to weave anecdotes from life to introduce or explain information to readers.


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