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Support online business owners with information, tools, and resources

My goal in presenting my lived experiences is to support other business owners who are overwhelmed by everything they have to do. In addition, they are afraid of making bad investments, or even haunted by past mistakes. Been there. It’s no fun.

Finding the tools you need to start/grow a business can be an overwhelming process with tons of conflicting information. Eventually I would like to become an affiliate for products, services, and tools I love. I want to monetize my blog in ways that can educate and solve problems for other small business owners, particularly women.

This will occasionally mean taking a stance on things. When I see things like Female Lifestyle Empowerment Brand marketing tactics that evoke shame and scarcity to sell “empowerment,” I may have to call attention to it. More than that, I’ll have to explain why a problem is a problem. And it will get long. I will need to cite sources responsibly. I’d rather do that here than on social media, which I prefer to have fun with.

Document my journeys in ways that may help you

In the next year, I will be getting engaged, buying a home (for the first time), and getting married (for the second time). Those things are not directly related to my VA services. BUT, these experiences will be relatable to people who want to work with me. And I will no doubt have experiences that I can relate to a variety of topics in my business as well as yours.

At this time, I won’t try to anticipate what those are. Instead, I will live my life and write the “Scrubs” voiceovers later.

I think a blog is the appropriate place to document those moments and tell stories that you will find entertaining or useful. Not least of all because I cannot force myself to write Drunk Girl Posts in Facebook groups. A Drunk Girl Post is how I think of certain “value” posts in Facebook groups. They’re long, self-centered, and written in a dramatic way that feels unnatural. I think they come across as either self-important, lacking self-awareness, or just plain weird.

Let you know I’m here to help

Doing business online can be loads of fun. But it’s still business, so of course we run into problems that make us want to rip our hair out. Solving business problems is stressful, but calling on a friend for help feels like relief. My pal Tania Fox refers to the service providers she knows as her Superfriends. She encourages entrepreneurs she knows to seek each other out for help.

Find out what you want to read about and give you that

I miss writing for the social sciences. Highlighting and annotating research articles for hours on end, going down a rabbit hole of oddly specific psychological and behavioral studies, marveling at human thought. Then spending hours more outlining and fleshing out my analysis, reflections, and critiques of everything I’ve read. It’s like making love, but for my brain. Mmm-MMM.

Blogging is similar, but there aren’t as many rules and I get to write about what you want to read.

If you feel so inclined, could you tell me a little bit about…


What do you dread doing every day?

What do you wish your best friend could help you do in your business?


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