The last month has been totally wild. Somewhere between a big financial loss in my business, the fight to recover the money, and marrying my best friend, I decided to give ketogenic eating another go.


And my brand new husband decided to do it with me! We stuck to it for a few days without any keto flu symptoms, or even any kvetching.


But then I realized that we would not be able to have avocado toast regularly, and that was simply unacceptable.


I found this recipe for bread, and we made some slight adjustments to the process


  • I used a hand blender with a whisk attachment instead of a mixer
  • I preheated the oven and lined my pan with parchment paper before I did anything else
  • I left the eggs in a bowl to get to room temp, instead of popping them in warm water as suggested. The eggs got to the right temperature and the bread has almost no “eggy” taste.


Xanthan gum was the only ingredient we had to shop for. Turns out, it’s handy to have when you need to thicken gravy, dressing, sauce, or hold bread together. Fortunately, our local grocer carries it in the baking aisle. If you want to try this recipe, but xanthan gum is not available to you locally, you can support this blog by purchasing through our site.


keto bread

So golden. So fluffy.

We lifted the bread out by the parchment and placed it onto a rack. A few minutes later, we sliced it into ½-inch slices. We gobbled up each heel almost immediately.


keto bread slice

This bread is anything but crummy!

Every keto recipe has its quirks, and this bread is no exception:

  • Not gonna lie – this bread made our kitchen smell pretty eggy. I was nervous about how it would come out, because I do not like the taste of egg. I’ve had keto bread recipes go wrong because I found them eggy enough to be inedible. But the egg taste is almost undetectable!
  • The bread came out dense, but with a fluffy quality. Like pound cake, without the sugar or crumbs.
  • Perhaps it’s the density. Perhaps it’s the moisture. In all likelihood, it’s probably my ancient toaster. There are a few variables here, but this bread took a little longer to crisp up than I would have liked.

All things considered, this bread is a winner because it let me carry my love of avocado toast into a low-carb way of eating.


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