2018 has been a busy 3 weeks so far. Here’s what’s going on

Made money, then lost it because of shady billing practices. Fortunately, Wells Fargo has my back. A year ago, this kind of loss would have devastated me financially and personally. Fortunately, it just made for a pretty stressful morning.

Married my best friend.

Merged households with him. (Finishing moving him in today…oof!)

Befriended more of the incredibly smart, driven, curious people I work with.

Committed to consuming one #saladinablender a day for 30 days. Usually, 30-day challenges make me feel all heavy and tied down. This one, however, is delicious, healthy, and I’m pretty sure it’s clearing up my skin.

Began working toward re-certifying on Google AdWords, as well as Google Analytics (I WILL pass this test!).

Talked to humans who have been where I’ve been. I felt stuck, even though I knew I did not want to give up. I just wanted to feel like the person I am IRL and the person I show up as online are the same person. Previous mistakes with my positioning and branding left me scared to show up. I’m working on updating this website. Stay tuned.

Made the decision to go back on keto, effective January 21. 

Decided to refine my offerings. I’m no longer offering Builderall builds or support as a service. It doesn’t fit with my focus on content & SEO. WordPress is the CMS I use and recommend to others.

Started developing a service for people who are ready for an affordable upgrade from their DIY website. I hope to take on my first client for this service in Q1.

Began working on a way to offer standalone/a la carte/one-and-done services for budget-conscious small business owners.

My reading list


What I can help you with right now

  • Keyword research for your website, landing page, or ad campaign
  • Blogging
  • If you can think of another specific thing you need, let’s see how I can help.
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